“If there was ever a saying that was proved wrong by one Christchurch family – it’s two’s company, three’s a crowd.”
Bettina, Dale and Shelly Read More

“The Frays are also fulltime carers for Eve Tukerangi – a young woman with an intellectual disability.”
Barbara and Evan Fray Read More

“Rex was a member of the family from day one. My Dad always said to me before he passed away, ‘Make sure you look after him’.”
Emanuele Anamani Read More

“When we go on holiday, we all go – or if we can’t afford to, no one goes. When we take on children, they are our family. They are all treated the same - there are no rules for one and rules for another.”
Glenda Deans Read More

“One of the best things about looking after Lily is seeing her hit her milestones - especially things that the doctors said she would never do. She is a sweet little girl; it’s great to be able to help her achieve.”
Ann Russell Read More

“It just fell into place. We fitted into James’ needs and he has fitted into our lifestyle. He is like a son to me. We potter through the house chores, fill the wood basket and do the gardening together.”
Marion Johnson Read More

“You have to have patience. You have to have a supportive husband or partner and your own children have to be understanding as well. But I can’t imagine our lives without her. My boys just absolutely adore her. She is one of us. We are Mum and Dad. Everyone else is auntie and uncle.”
Raewyn Brew Read More

“I am very aware that I am setting them up for going on in the world. You have to bring up the positives and put down the negatives. You realise it’s a balancing act.”
Polly Townsend Read More

“We’re mad keen on stock cars and Marc is as keen as the rest of us - he loves it. He thinks it’s great. Marc goes every week with Tim and my husband. He gets a bucket and he fills it up with water and he scrubs the dirt off the cars.”
Wendy Pluijmers Read More

“Don’t be afraid to cuddle them and say I love you, because that is what we are here for.”
Rosemary and John Turfrey Read More