What is Caregiving?

Caregiving is the term we use for the different types of care we offer to people with intellectual disabilities. From short-term respite care to the regular commitment of shared care, to long-term foster care for children and contract board care for adults, there are many ways you can help those with intellectual disabilities to have a better life.

It’s a vital and hugely rewarding part of our service, where people just like you open their homes and hearts to someone with an intellectual disability - providing them with ordinary, safe, love-filled living environments.

Should you make the wonderful decision to become a Caregiver, you’ll be matched with someone who best suits your way of life. In most cases, they’ll live with you on a full-time basis, however some caregiving can be provided part time, for instance two nights a week.

Many of our Caregivers have looked after the same person for a long period, and most of our foster placements are long term. However, becoming a Caregiver doesn’t mean you have to become an IDEA Services employee; instead we’ll have an agreement that outlines the relationship between you, us and the person you’ll be sharing your home and life with.

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